the Perfect location for your unforgettable yoga experiences


undiscovered tuscany -lunigiana

A place where to find yourself

An authentic experience to disconnect .

Imagine to arrive in a  rural village  in undiscovered Tuscany with breathtaking views .

Imagine to immerse yourself in a  borgo where time stand still  .

Imagine to discover something new for the first time ... with a baby's eyes 

Imagine to walk in the morning hearing birds' sing , water flowing and cow bells ...

Immerse yourself and your group  in an Authentic atmosphere of a 1500 courtyard 

for a journey of meditation , laughs and yoga sessions.

Enjoy local organic food and smell flavors of once.

Explore surroundings Lunigiana and Cinque Terre.

why you 

We saw your profile and we think could be a connection between your style and our place . We would love  to build together a very unique experiences , made of passion , taking care and attention for details .

This is a very simple exemple but we can modulate the offer with you . 

why  us 

We are in Tuscany , in an undiscovered part that is still authentic.

Our Building is UNIQUE restored in a conservative way full of charme.

Our Borgo is immersed in the Nature of Lunigiana with a breathtaking view of mountains.

We are one hour from Cinque Terre: the surroundings are perfect to explore in between lessons .

We offer an authentic and unforgettable experience in an hamlet where the time stand still.

We are happiness' builders !

About Us

We are Ilaria and Stefano we decide to build by hand our retreat in Lunigiana , Tuscany.

We felt in love with a bulding of 1500 cent and decided day by day ( from 12 years) to restoure it in a conservative way.

We love meet people and offer always authentic smiles : we love to be happiness builders !

We also are travel and food lovers and add authentic little trips in  our 5 days retreat, we have guests that follow us from the beginning , because our place is so different and unique , unforgettable .

We saw your profile and we would love  to build together a very unique experiences , made of passion , taking care and attention for details .

This is a very simple exemple but we can modulate the offer with you . 

About the location

The Experience

Disconnect in the Nature

Five days to immerse in the Nature of Lunigiana Tuscany,

In an authentic atmosphere of a rural borgo where the time stand still .

Five days to find yourself and taste local organic food .

We love to organize tailormade yoga retreat. Made by a special welcome , yoga sessions , good food and special little experience during your and your guests stay.

What we offer

Yoga & Creativity Art

 We offer a variety of custom-made art courses in order to build confidence and inspire you across a range of themes and disciplines. These unique courses also reflect the culture and history of the area and are interwoven with art-history excursions, providing inspiration, variety and interest throughout the week. Above all, this is a real opportunity for developing artists to work in small groups alongside an experienced teacher.

Yoga & Flavors of Lunigiana
Besides a daily yoga class, we will also enjoy many walks around the breathtaking scenery of the location, a walking meditation, and even scenic hikes.
We'll not only balance the week with the healthy "form" part of the retreat, but also with learning about and experiencing firsthand the amazing flavors of this region. Each day we'll be able to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, as well as take part in tastings from the location - from wine and olive oil, to cheeses, pastries, and lemons. From cooking class hns  to family farms and kitchens, learning and enjoying the food will be an added bonus to working up an appetite during our classes and walks!

We saw your profile and we would love to organize memorable session of yoga with you and your guests.
We would like to built a tailor made  experience wright for your guests and as you imagine.

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We are so happy that this so well known press helped us to spread the word !

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