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Follow the rhythm of nature

For more than ten years we have been pampering and welcoming our guests with the smile and rhythms of the past.
A simple and familiar welcome, which creates bonds, but above all makes you rediscover yourself, as we found ourselves when we decided to bring back to life an abandoned village with a view of the Apuane that still fascinates us today, after many years of work of responsibility in large companies where the pace left no room for the simple gesture of "loving each other".
We leave a memory to those who come to visit us, that of the awareness that TIME is the greatest luxury.
A weekend in the town of Quarazzana, immersed in the Lunigiana woods, is a way to enjoy the most absolute relaxation.
By choice we have no TV in the rooms, the village has stopped in time, the cows graze happily free in the village, the scent of Nature, the chirping of birds are the only sounds. In the evening starry sky, background music in the ancient courtyard of the farmhouse and candles.


UNPLUG with our WATER path

For those seeking absolute relaxation we offer a weekend linked to the element of water, a walk in the town in the morning with stretching at the ancient wash houses, a walk to the natural waterfall and yoga activities in the woods with tasting. Relax in the pool area with an aperitif with local products

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