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We are Ilaria and Stefano passionate about slow travel and slow food. This passion has guided us over the years looking for authentic places, off the beaten path of mass tourism in our land: the beautiful Tuscany. After long years spent in the world of commerce, we discovered this little corner of paradise and we decided to completely change our life, to live in nature and host travelers in our little oasis. Lunigiana - ancient land in unspoiled nature full of castles near the Cinque Terre As for food we should open a separate chapter ... I just tell you that I grew up with the advice of my grandmother who lived up to 96 years, our family has founded a grocery / restaurant near Florence since 1854 ... where there were glass jars full of biscuits, spumini, cheese and peasant bread and focaccia baked in a wood oven ... My grandmother Natalina was known for her fine palate ... and she always taught me to choose the best ingredients, seasonal and organic vegetables (back then there was no organic ... the farmers simply grew healthy vegetables because it was the their daily food, that's all!), for this reason Stefano and I have been cultivating our organic garden for years .. with great satisfaction, for the palate and not only ... eat a salad or a crispy freshly picked artichoke ... it is not a luxury that can be overlooked! For his part, Stefano had his mother who worked as a cook in a Florentine villa for people from the art world who came from all over the world and he too has developed a great taste ... (sometimes I say too much!) Our greatest satisfaction is to share our choices with you ...

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