Little Restaurant


Our Restaurant is located in Quarazzana in a 1500 courtyard in a very romantic and cozy atmosphere .

We dine under the stars with candle light and soft classical or jazz background music


A good dish comes from good ingredients

We do have our organic veggy garden and we choose the best ingredients from local farm and wineries

Our cuisine is a the traditional Tuscan kitchen by me Ilaria , I am food passionate since I was a baby and my eyes 

sparkled when my mom said " A TAVOLA " (at the table)!

My recipes comes from my 96 year grandmother that had a restaurant and grocery from 1800 in Florence

We do not have a menù :we choose day by day our recipes according to the season.

Before to cook, we go to our organic vegetable garden and pick aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables 

We serve four course menù

We are open mainly every evening for dinner only upon reservation to ensure the cozy atmosphere and the best food.

We can organize lunches on request

The restaurant is also open for people that do not sleep here.

Find here the number and mail for a reservation 

0039-3313111202 whatsapp (we do not have a good phone line but good wifi)


Tel: +39 331 3111202

Via A.Nardi 16  Quarazzana 54013 Fivizzano MS

© 2020 by Luna di Quarazzana

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