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Lunigiana: the Unexpected Tuscany

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Off the beaten path there is a nestled paradise.

There is a part of Tuscany which is yet to be explored . I love this area because is a mix of
stunning views of mountains and beautiful hiking paths but is just 30 minutes from the sea.
I call this area an hidden gem in the treasure of Tuscany.
I am Ilaria, born in Florence. I felt in love with this area and I started to explore it to have the best experience and live like a local.
Many years ago I bought a beautiful building dated XV cent in a village nestled in chestnuts woods, in Quarazzana, I started to run a bed and breakfast, where to meet my lovely guests and share this beauty with them.
Alpi Apuans' view from surrounding of Fivizzano.
Quarazzana the tiny village where the time stands still.

We start this special trip from my B&B Luna di Quarazzana today.
Waking in the morning in Quarazzana is special, breath taking view of mountains and sounds of birds and cow bells!
First of all a walk around the village, stopping in Agnino to smell the flavors of the wood oven ..there is nothing better then hot bread.
Coming back in the village a delicious breakfast ...with free range eggs from our chickens and we are ready for my car-trip !

Fivizzano: between culture and naturalistic itineraries

Fivizzano is a nice city with old walls and a beautiful fountain wanted by Medici.
We start from the south wall door , cross the garden of agostiniani, then we walk along the ancient walls, enter in the main square looking the church's facade and fountain.
We take then the via santissima and in 20 min we are in Verrucola Castle walking in the nature.
This is an ancient borgo perfect conserved, the castle was a property of Cascella , a very famous sculptor, walking around the castle is possible to peek into artists' gardens and see statues, very interesting art trip!
From here we come back to the car.

Flavors of Fivizzano

Before to start we stop for a superb homemade "ciambella" or Zeppola ( special pastry) in Bar Ricci.
Lunigiana has a long tradition of flavors.
Every Tuesday there is a fresh market in Piazza Medici and in July there is a beautiful Food Festival - "Sapori" where local farms sell their products.
Another stop that you will love is the special focaccia ..they are several famous bakery in Fivizzano and surroundings one of them produce the one that has a triangle shape!
You will find it close to the laundry.

From the mountain to the sea
We take now the car and start for Golfo dei Poeti direction.
In about 40 min we are in Tellaro: I love this tiny village out of the crowd .
Golfo dei Poeti is on the coast of Liguria to the border of Tuscany , just few km from Spezia and Cinque Terre.
This special Gulf has tiny villages like Lerici, San Terenzo - where there is the best fish restaurant in between Cinque Terre and Golfo dei poeti in my opinion ( Creusa de Mauri ).
We park the car and walk for a tiny path to arrive in a very nice corner in the shadow, where there is a little chiosco, some tables under trees and I love to stay here reading a book, then after doing some steps we have a swim in the clear sea of Fiascherino Beach.
At sunset time, we walk back to visit Tellaro and have an aperitif in the little port with locals.
Visit the church ex Oratorio di Santa Maria in Selaà and agave romantic!
Time to come back for a special dinner in Quarazzana!
I hope you enjoy this tips, if you did please live a like!

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