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Delicious authentic cake : Schiacciata alla Fiorentina


If you ever been in Florence -Tuscany in February you have to taste this cake ... you will find it in best bakeries.. the most famous is Bar Marisa .. you must know that in Italy every place is special for something .. so if you want the best of everything you must do more than one stop .. best profiterole Bar Buscioni , Best Focaccia Giotto .. and so on !

Here the recipe of this authentic cake !

Flour gr 300

Sugar gr 150

Butter gr 100

1 egg free range ( I used one egg and one yolk)

Milk as needed

1 Orange

1 Vanilla flavour

7 gr powdered yeast

Saffron as needed

Salt few

Vanilla veil sugar

Whip eggs and sugar . ( secret !!! Do it for 20 min !).Add vanilla flavour

Melted butter , yeast , juice of an orange , saffron , lemon and orange zest , salt and flour.

put in the oven for 25/30 min 165 celsius .

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